Meet the Beyonce of Jacaranda Park! / by Bryan Matsumoto

Allison Simon, daughter of Kim Johnson, shared this post with us:

"So proud to witness the opening of Jacaranda Park today!! I’ve been a part of this park committee for the last year after my mother ‘strong-armed’ me into to helping. Witnessing the opening today was so beautiful for the community of South Central LA 98th/Avalon. My mother, grandmother and so many of my relatives who grew up in this area did not have the green space like what now exists."

"Seeing her labor from working alongside elected officials as the park “President” was so lovely and such a proud moment!! I swear today she thought she was Beyonce of Jacaranda Park!! Lol 😂"
   - Facebook post

Thank you for all your dedication Kim and Allison, your inspiring words are why we do this work!

As a child, Kimberly Johnson used to ride her bike and play baseball on “the field." Kimberly described the lot as "a rough spot full of trash and rodents. It was surrounded by power lines." But like so many people in community, Kimberly saw the potential in the lot: "I thought it would be nice to have a park there,” she shared. She wanted to transform the field, but didn’t know how to begin.

With our help, Kimberly made her vision a reality. Kimberly and her neighbors worked with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust for over a year to help design Jacaranda Park which opened December 2, 2017. You can see Kimberly above trying out the slides at her new neighborhood park! She can now look out her window and finally see a space where kids can “be safe, have somewhere to go, and have something to do because I didn’t have that growing up.”

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